We would love to hear from our graduates to find out what is going on in their lives. What are you doing now? Where are you living? Recently married or married for a very long time with children and grandchildren? Any fond memories of your days here at St. Anne School that you would like to share?
Kevin McCue (1968):
I believe Tom Ver n Mark Rivero are deceased
Jerry Motak (1968):
Class of 1968 golden Jubilee 50th year will be changing the date to May 12,2018, school cafeteria luncheon time will start at 11:30 A.M.ll:30 A.M.
Frederick Baumer (1968):
How can I post the class photos of the boys and girls classes of 1968? Are there dedicated alumni pages for each year?

Thanks, Fred Baumer
Frederick Baumer (1968):
Can you forward me and/or Jerry Motak the contact info, obituaries and faculty you might have from the class of '68? We'd like to have as much information available to ensure as successful a reunion as possible. Thank you!
Frederick Baumer (1968):

Don't know if this photo of our combined boys and girls classes of 1968 grads will post on this site. If not, please let me know how I can forward our graduation photos. Here are the names of the boys. We're still working on the girls.

I'm Fred Baumer and can be reached at the above email address or at (415) 948-5525.

Dominic Massoni, Gary Delagnes, Philip Borghuis, John Cuff, John Perasso, Robert Finn, Martin Schwalbenberg, Albert Baldocchi,

Frank Sudano, George Cooper, Kevin Mulvany, Ronald Rohlfes, Broderick Choy, Michael Puig, Kevin Fisher, Jeremia Motak,

John Shortall, Stephen Ferro, Stephen Luby, Kevin Bravo, Joseph Grevin, Donald Ray, George Cooper, Alan Harvey,

Kevin McCue, James McManus, Anthony Haas, Thomas Ver, Edward Joost, James Milestone, John Silverfoot, Sean Smyth,

Mark Rivero, Daniel Mattrocce, Frederick Baumer, Stephen Cooney, Joseph Feldhaus, James McEvoy,

Frank Lawrence, Thomas Meisel, Mark Lynch, Timothy Loftus,

John McGee, Kenneth Fisher, Enrico Abordo, Richard Rivers, Kenneth Jauregue, Daniel Murphy.

Jerry Motak (1968):
Pictures of the graduating class, "1968" will be having Golden Jubilee Reunion, Class of 1968. We need more emails and your spouses or partners are also invited to our gathering in the school cafeteria on May 19,2018 luncheon starting at 11:30 A.M.Refer to Freddy Baumers email until we can post the pictures on the website.
Jerry Motak (1968):
Can the person in charge call me @ 415)661-7378.

Jerry Motak (1968):
My name is Jerry Motak, I graduated in 1968 from St. Anne. This is our 50th year golden diploma. I need help to organize fellow classmates for this gathering in the St. anne school cafeteria sometime in May 2018 for lunch . need help to coordinate this, email to I also need female classmate to take the girls lead for co-coordinator. This will be our 50th year class reunion.
Cody Mak (2013):
I graduated from Gateway High School this past May of 2017 and was the recipient of the "Service to Community" Mission Award. I am currently a full-time student attending San Francisco State University. Besides studies, I am working 3 jobs, I am the Assistant Facilities Manager at West Portal Elementary School, I am the Enrollment Office Assistant at Gateway Public Schools, and I am the Assistant Coach/Team Manager of the Boys' Varsity Basketball Team at Gateway High School.
Stephanie Camacho (2012):
Stephanie Camacho graduated ICA 06/2016 Attending Univ. of Portland Honors Program scholarship to obtain degree in Computer Science Engineering.